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Welcome to The About Us Page for Cheap Side Hustles.

My name is Lucas Price! I have over 15 years of internet marketing experience. I try to provide the best services or reviews to the public so they can make money online the easy way and the cheapest way. I am passionate about finding the best digital products and software to help you navigate the challenges that I first had when I started Internet Marketing.

About Cheap Side Hustles

Cheap Side Hustles is one of the best deals online to make money online as a freelancer or affiliate marketing.

You are getting enough software, creative assets and training to help you start making money in no time.

And all for the same price of just one of the free bonus software that you get.
This is the best business in a box deal ever!

I started Cheap Side Hustles with the idea of being able to offer the very best deal to help anybody looking for a side hustle. Even the most experienced or learned Professional will find some great software here that can help further their careers or help with any type of business.

If you were like me when I first started my internet marketing career, I was wasting time and a lot of money on useless digital products.

If this is the case, I’ve got you covered!

And I will always be on the lookout for any other software or apps that I can send you Free of charge.
I promise to do my best to help you make money online without spending a fortune.

About Me

I first turned to internet marketing after an accident that resulted in me being put on a disability pension.
I taught myself to use a computer and I ended up becoming successful worldwide.

I eventually became the World’s Number 1 Seller Online for Temporary Tattoo Sleeves.

You Can Check out My Hollywood Award Videos Below –

2012 American Music Awards Gift Lounge –

2011 MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge –

How I First Started

I started off by buying cheap products on eBay and then selling them at Sunday Markets
At the same time, I was also teaching myself affiliate & internet marketing.

I then started making some small commission through ClickBank & Adsense.

At one of the Sunday Markets, I saw a young teenager with what I thought were full tattoo sleeves on his arms.
It turned out that they were fake temporary tattoo sleeves.

So, after the market, I went home, did some research and then registered every tattoosleeve domain name available.

I then started importing them from China and became the World’s Number 1 Seller Online.
Which got my business noticed by the production company that invited me to be an exclusive sponsor.

I actually made the temporary tattoo sleeves too famous, and all the overseas manufacturers started selling them online for next to nothing.
So when sales dropped from thousands a week to only hundreds a week, I got out while I was still on top and just concentrated on my affiliate and internet marketing.

I was able to make a living from internet marketing until 2019 when I suffered a mild stroke.

This affeceted my memory a bit and during the recovery period I lost a lot of my valuable websites & domain names.
So once again, I taught myself and refreshed my memory and I actually learnt a lot more then I previously knew.

So I have spent the last 12 months curating software and apps as well as spending thousands of dollars on software to start a digital marketing agency selling services to the public online.

You can do the same by utilizing all the software you get in this amazing deal.

And once you purchase my offer, you will have an option to sign up to my mailing list so that whenever I get agency rights to new software, I can send you the registration details for free.

So the more people that buy my offer means that I will be able to purchase more and more software to pass on to you in the future for Free.

All The Best To Your Success

Lucas Price

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